Dr. Bowblis provides testifying and non-testifying expert consulting services. 


Since 2007, Dr. Bowblis has worked with law firms and corporations to support clients as they address complex business litigation and regulatory matters by providing economics and econometric analysis. These matters include antitrust and competition, regulatory compliance, fraudulent medical billing and coding, and economic damage calculations.


Select examples of work Dr. Bowblis has performed for clients include:


  • Developing econometric analyses to assess liability and damages related to overbilling and upcoding for national health insurance companies

  • Evaluating whether a firm fraudulently reported information to the federal government

  • Conducting an analysis of demand for long-term care services

  • Calculating the cost of providing care to patients

  • Aiding as an industry and consulting expert in a price fixing investigation

  • Evaluating regulatory compliance and standard of care in the nursing home industry

  • Testifying as an expert witness on publicly reported quality measures and nursing home data (e.g. Nursing Home Compare, Cost Reports, and Minimum Data Set)

  • Testifying on the financial condition, valuation, and corporate structure of a skilled nursing facility

  • Testifying as an expert witness in tying and exclusive dealing antitrust matters


This work has and continues to be conducted in a range of industries, including:

  • Health Care Industry

    • Assisted living facilities

    • Emergency room care

    • Hospital inpatient care

    • Hospice care

    • Outpatient surgery centers

    • Pharmaceuticals

    • Skilled nursing facilities and nursing homes


  • Other Industries

    • Airlines

    • Basic food products

    • Investment banking

    • Motorsports

    • Specialty vehicles

    • Tobacco


More detail on this and other consulting services are available upon request.